Unexpected effect dapoksetina

Dapoxetine is by far the most effective and pathogenetically justified treatment for premature ejaculation. Numerous clinical tests confirm a significant increase in the time from the beginning of sexual intercourse until the moment of ejaculation in the face of the reception of the drug. What does that mean? Dapoxetine lets you forget about naidelikatnejšej issue, with more than a third of all men on Earth-fear their entire “testicular defuse the charge” at the start of love event. Valid: control the process of ejaculation under force is far from everyone. But not dapoxetine. This wonderful product you can lengthen the time of sexual intercourse in 3-4 times, providing long lasting sex, venčaemyj rapid both partners orgasm. The effectiveness of dapoksetina confirmed in multiple clinical trials conducted according to all the rules of evidence-based medicine and recognized by the health committees of all developed countries. Clinical studies were conducted in 20 centres of States. In order to immediately dismiss all the questions-the results of double-blind placebo-controlled randomized trial of efficacy and safety of dapoksetina in treatment of premature ejaculation are presented here. It should also be noted that the drug gets along perfectly with drugs for erectile dysfunction-Viagra, Levitra, Sialisom, irrespective of their dosage. The effectiveness of the past when this has not reduced. Can you imagine what the miracle of love “cocktail” may turn out to be?

Unexpected effect dapoksetina exerted on the sex lives of men, was discovered quite by accident that makes this remedy with the famous buy viagra. Pharmacologists have internationally known Johnson Johnson was clear & task: create a universal antidepressant regulating circulation in the brain, the so-called hormone of happiness-serotonin. And born dapoxetine. However, following clinical trials involving men aged 18 to 60 years, it has been observed that the drug eliminates depression due to its effects not only on neurotransmitters, but also on the duration of sex. Study participants, as well as the clinicians were surprised to discover that dapoxetine is able to make simple yet fundamental changes in sexual life. He completely eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation, simultaneously increasing the pleasure of orgasm. The latter dealt with both partners. After all this dapoksetinu very little remained to world fame under the name Prilidži.

If you do not wish to venture into the jungle of terminology, you can safely skip this chapter, the main thing you already know: the drug will make you long to finish, without depriving the ability to experience orgasm and ejaculate. In other words, taking dapoxetine, you have complete control over her own body, the belayer you from the embarrassment of premature ejaculation.

Now about the technical side of the question. Pharmacologically dapoxetine belongs to the Group of selective inhibitors of reverse takeover neironalnogo serotonin, spreading its action on the sympathetic nervous system that controls ejaculation. The drug affects the ejaculatory reflex, extending the latent period and shortening the duration of reflex impoulsation motoneurons genital ganglia. Thus, you get a lot more time on pranks: bedding because now your sexual stamina had increased significantly. Ah, Yes: dapoxetine is effective and as an anti-depressant, so one tablet you kill two birds with one stone.

American poet James Whitcomb Riley, whose way of life fell on a joint 20-19 centuries, probably knew nothing about dženerikah, but he very accurately described their essence in his winged phrase: If something looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck and is “. It’s contains the same active ingredient as the original drug has the same effect and is as safe as the authentic Prilidži. The only difference is significantly lower cost. So, the choice is yours!

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